We develop Q.

What is Q?

Q is a novel blockchain that combines the benefits of a public, open and decentralized ledger with the transparency and predictability of enforceable private contracts. It is based on a unique governance system, which has the Q Constitution at its core. Q thereby enables a great variety of real-life use cases which desire decentralization but require scaleability and dependability.

To learn more about Q, visit the website q.org.

How can you become part of Q?

Q is an open source project and embraces community participation. If you want to learn more about Q, use Q or contribute to the project, q.org is a good place to start. There you will find information on how to interact with the Q blockchain, send and receive Q, set up a node, engage in the Q community by voting on governance proposals, program smart contracts on Q and many more topics.

Q intends to launch a bug bounty program shortly. If you are a programmer and want to participate in the bug bounty program, make sure to check back here frequently or follow Q’s social media channels: Reddit and Medium.

Who are we?

Q Development AG is a private company based in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. Its main purpose is to develop the Q blockchain, launch Q and support the Q ecosystem. Q Development AG is 100% owned by the Q International Foundation.

Ute Dürtscher
Managing Director

Nicolas Biagosch
Administrative Council

Martin Schmidt
Administrative Council

Auriel Raunstien
Marketing & Social Media

Andrei Martchouk
Development & Product

Tobias Latzke
Development & Concept

Florian Drewes
Development & Concept

Daniel Zimmermann
Product & Project

Oleg Gorobets
Advisory & Development